Unisys Clients - Banco Mercantil del Norte

Providing reliable, secure and competitive banking services to customers throughout Mexico

The Business Challenge

Deliver excellent customer services while protecting customer information and assets.

The Solution

Unisys fraud prevention and anti-money laundering services to support the Actimize solution.

Results and Benefits

  • Prevented fraud incidents that could have led to significant losses
  • Improved competitive position and customer satisfaction via agile recovered funds in the case of credit card fraud (less than 48 hours)
  • Improved the ability to identify potential money launderers and deny account access


Protecting our customers’ sensitive information and financial assets is of utmost importance to us. We rely on Unisys to help us prevent fraud and money laundering, making us compliant as well as more competitive and reliable for our customers.”

Sub-Director of Compliance,

Banco Mercantil del Norte