WSCA-NASPO is a cooperative contracting organization that has procured and awarded Master Contract Agreements for public cloud hosting services.

In collaboration with WSCA-NASPO, a four state consortium led by the State of Utah evaluated cloud providers based on cost and quality of services. From the large pool of respondents, only 4 awards were made, one of which was to Unisys.

The competitive 5-year award includes:

  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Cloud Provisioning Services
  • Cloud Consulting & Design Services

WSCA-NASPO is a cooperative effort between state Chief Procurement and Chief Information officials, who together can sign a Participating Addendum to allow their state to participate in the public cloud hosting contract.


Any authorized government entity within a participating state can leverage this master contract. This includes:

  • State Government
    • Departments
    • Institutions
    • Agencies
  • Political subdivisions
    • Cities and counties
    • Colleges and school districts
    • Other Authorized Entities

This contract is a vehicle for leveraging the cloud in the way that it was meant to be consumed: through an operational expenditure model.

Source – Strategically.
Deploy cloud technology from industry-leading vendors on demand and manage them through a single pane of glass.

Eliminate unnecessary procurement cycles with each individual vendor and manage only one contract with Unisys.

Benefit from contract-wide aggregate volume discounts – the greater the participation in the contract, the larger the savings.

To learn more about the WSCA-NASPO public cloud hosting services contract and how you can participate, reach out to us at wsca@​​unisys.com.​​​