Building a Secure Conduit t​​o the Cloud

Safeguard the Critical Information Your Mission and Citizens Depend On

For decades, the rapid expansion of technology and its integration into every part of public sector agencies has contributed to improved service delivery and efficiency. But this rapid technology integration comes at a cost – the “advancements” in technology have opened public sector enterprises to a multitude of security risks. These risks are constantly exploited by cyber criminals.

Unisys Approach

Unisys Stealth™​ is a defense-grade software security innovation that makes data communication endpoints undetectable on a network, thereby helping to eliminate them as targets for hackers. Public sector leaders can create secure communities of interest based on customer value, allowing them to apply varying levels of security to specific users. This enables high-value targets and personnel to receive extreme security protection. Public sector leaders are embracing Unisys Stealth to help them leverage the cloud, protect their assets and equip their people with the data they need when and where they need it.

Unisys Secure ​​​​​​