Accelerate Migration​​​s and Reduce Risk


Where should my IT workloads run? How do I minimize migration risk?

In today’s IT environment, state and local governments are trying to do more with less. They are facing many challenges such as decreasing budgets, non-scalable IT infrastructures and complex application environments. New delivery models like Cloud Computing offer valuable opportunities, but deciding which applications to move and how is a challenge that many government IT leaders face.

An Automated, Actionable Plan

Realizing that IT departments need a tool for understanding the best-fit destination for their workloads, Unisys developed the Intelligent Application Alignment Service (IAA). IAA simplifies the process of prioritizing and moving applications, creating an actionable plan to migrate workloads to the optimal delivery model (i.e. cloud, public or private).

Unisys Plan ​​​​​​