Undetectable Patient Data is Safe Data

When Microsoft Windows XP End-of-Support began on April 9, additional security measures to remain safe and compliant may be needed. Many critical applications written for healthcare patient data cannot upgrade easily or quickly from XP.

Protect Legacy XP Systems, Sustain Compliance

Unisys Stealth® is designed to securely quarantine your critical XP endpoints while keeping them fully operational. See a 3-Minute Video on how Stealth:

  • Cordons off your XP systems, mitigating risk to your enterprise.
  • Makes your XP endpoints dark and undetectable on a network to unauthorized users (and systems) both internal and external.

Today you worry about HIPAA compliance and compromising sensitive patient and clinical data. Internal threats are estimated to make up about 70% of the threat landscape. That’s why Stealth is designed to allow you to define precisely which users can detect and access an XP-based system holding sensitive patient data—and hide that system from all other eyes.

Keep It Safe on XP. Take Action Now!

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Watch this short, 3-minute VIDEO

Unisys Stealth for XP is innovative software-based security for safe, continuous operation of healthcare systems, while allowing secure access to core IT services.

You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See​​​​​