Protect XP ATMs & POS. Go Undetectable.

PCI DSS compliance is a serious concern—whether you are responsible for ATMs or POS and payment card systems —in the absence of regular security patches to protect known vulnerabilities.

Unisys Stealth® is designed to securely quarantine your critical XP endpoints while keeping them fully operational. See a 3-Minute Video on how Stealth:

  • Cordons off your XP-based ATMs and POS systems to mitigate risk to the enterprise.
  • Makes your XP endpoints dark and undetectable on a network to unauthorized users (and systems) both internal and external.

Today you worry about hacking sponsored by organized crime and internal threats, which are estimated to make up about 70% of the threat landscape1. That’s why Stealth is designed to allow you to define precisely which users can detect an XP-based ATM or POS endpoints.

Keep It Safe on XP. Take Action Now!

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Watch this short, 3-minute VIDEO

Unisys Stealth is innovative software-based security for safe, continuous operation of ATM, banking, and POS endpoints.

You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See

1 SOURCE: Gartner, according to a report in TechTarget. The Gartner report is quoted in dozens of publications​​​​​​