Still on XP? Unisys Stealth Isolates and Protects Your Systems

Support for Windows XP terminated on April 8, 2014. Many mission-critical applications at energy firms and utilities simply can’t upgrade easily or quickly from XP. This can swing the door open and potentially leave your systems vulnerable to hackers.

To stay in compliance and “keep it safe on XP”:

  • Isolate your systems running XP from the rest of the enterprise
  • Make XP endpoints dark and undetectable on a network to internal and external users except to those you authorize

Today you worry about hacking sponsored by hostile governments. Equally critical, internal threats are estimated to make up about 70% of the threat landscape. That’s why Unisys Stealth® is designed to allow you to define precisely which users can access – or even detect -- the control system for cooling systems, or find a database holding sensitive information.

Whether you oversee power generation and transmission or energy transaction, a priority focus for you today is probably on stopping unauthorized parties from accessing any of your XP endpoints.

Keep It Safe on XP. Take Action Now!

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Unisys Stealth for XP is innovative software-based security for safe, continuous operation of critical infrastructure. Stealth is designed to mitigate enterprise risks posed by legacy operating systems such as XP without compromising controlled access to core IT services.

You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See​​​​​​