XP: Can’t Migrate? Then Isolate

Support for Windows XP terminated April 8, 2014. While some organizations upgraded their systems, others purchased extended Microsoft support. And some organizations are still using XP-based systems because they simply can’t migrate because critical applications may not be supported by new operating systems. If you purchased extended support, you are likely planning your next move…do you migrate now, extend support, or is there a secure, cost-effective alternative?

Isolate Your XP System with Unisys Stealth

You Can’t Hack What You Can’t See

Unisys Stealth® is innovative, software-based security that can secure your XP environment by:

  • Isolating your mission critical systems running XP and segregating them from the rest of the enterprise
  • Making XP endpoints virtually invisible to unauthorized users and systems inside and outside your enterprise

Stealth mitigates enterprise risks posed by legacy operating systems such as XP without compromising controlled access to core IT services.

Is Unisys Stealth for You?


Unisys Stealth is for Mission Critical Systems

When it comes to mission critical security, there is no compromise. Unisys Stealth can isolate and protect XP environments running legacy application software and help foster secure, continuous operation of:

  • Automation and Process Control Systems: Critical infrastructure such as manufacturing, power generation and transmission, chemical processing, and water treatment systems must remain operational and secure at all costs
  • Point of Sale and Payment Card Systems: Maintaining PCI DSS compliance requires merchants to ensure that all system components and software are protected from known vulnerabilities by having the latest security patches installed
  • Automated Teller Machines: Similar to payment card systems, ATM systems must remain in compliance with PCI DSS and ensure security vulnerabilities are addressed
  • Electronic Health Records: Compliance with HIPAA requires security and confidentiality of sensitive electronic health information

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