​​GovConnectNSW Tech Desk

DFSI Tech Desk

Unisys has implemented local Agency Tech Desks, providing on-site face to face assistance for supported hardware such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and supported software. Tech Desks are designed to supplement and provide additional services to those offered by the GovConnectNSW existing Service Desk, which is phone and portal based and are offered based on GovConnectNSW Agency demand.

Tech Desk provides the following services:

  • Diagnose and resolve issues including network connectivity and misconfiguration
  • Re-image devices and re-install software where required
  • Assist with data recovery and backup
  • Provide triage for issues referred by the Service Desk
  • Configure printers and other network devices
  • Reset passwords
  • Act as a collection point for devices and peripherals (loan or ordered equipment, devices left for repair)
  • Provide user training on the use of supported hardware and software

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 830am to 430pm.​​​


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