SIAS Manufacturing

Cyber Security Powers Smart Factories:
Enabling Secure Integration of IT and OT Environments


*SIAS is a solution powered by Sightline and secured by Unisys

With many modern manufacturers aspiring to drive smart factories with improved plant operations and reduced costs, discover how the Secure Industrial Analytics Solution (SIAS)* protects against new cyber risks and responds faster to threats thanks to end point device cloaking, cryptographic zoning and data encryption.

With dynamic isolation also in play, security is enabled for both IT and OT environments by detecting and responding to malicious events in near real time.

Securing Digital and Physical Assets across IT and OT


Link your networks whilst maintaining a security perimeter and allowing only ‘least privileged’.

A New Approach to

Move to a zero trust model: trust no user or device, inside or outside the private network.

Response Times

Vast amounts of data can now be correlated in seconds for quantitative decision making.

Unlock Efficiencies and
Cost Savings

Leverage new insights to improve labour efficiency, resource utilization and total output.

Protecting Your Operations Against Cyber Attacks

​A webinar looking at how a recent attack on a US state's water treatment facilities could have been prevented

​The cyber attack on a Florida Water Treatment Facility in February 2021 highlighted how cyber actors can access systems by exploiting cybersecurity weaknesses, including poor password security and outdated operating systems to compromise software used to remotely manage production and treatment facilities in an OT and IT environment.

Point of View

Point of View


Security is a true enabler for manufacturing success and developing smart factories. Learn the security protocols required to respond to cyber attacks and benefit from IT/OT convergence.

Gain New Insights

IoT Podcast

IoT Podcast


IoT promises to unlock new services, automate more aspects of business and improve worker and factory efficiency. But what lessons can we learn in securely deploying IoT?

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Manufacturing Webcast​


What does the future of cyber-attacks look like for industry and manufacturing? We dissect new threats and the steps necessary to identify and stop attacks.


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