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CX begins as an inside job, so retailers need to adopt advanced IT solutions

Many employees today are tech-savvy, and they expect that same level of technological sophistication from employers as well. Retail is no exception.

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Building a loyal, global customer base through personalization

The revenue and market expansion opportunities for retailers are unprecedented—you now have access to new pools of customers across the globe and cost-effective channels to reach them.

However, seizing on these opportunities before they’re lost to competitors is no easy feat. You need to be able to offer your customers consistent, fast, and easy shopping experiences, in-store, online, and through mobile channels. And do so across multiple time zones and countries, with unique regulations, customs, and supply and fulfillment constraints.

With country- and language-specific desktop and mobile sites, added storefronts, and an ever-expanding IT infrastructure to make it all work together, you’re well on your way. But new technologies, such as location- and context-aware mobile solutions, are upping the stakes yet again. They give you a way to put highly relevant and effective retail offers literally in the hands of your customers. They’re a game-changer…if you can make them work for you.

By partnering with Unisys, you will have a comprehensive set of Retail IT Services that provide:

Is Retail at Risk

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Is Retail at Risk?

The future is hybrid cloud for retailers. Hybrid cloud offers maximum flexibility, as retailers have a mix of public and private cloud, as well as on-premises environments. Some may even say that public cloud is an evolved sibling of the on-premises environment, with the exception of the shared security responsibility.

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"For more than a decade, Unisys and Dell EMC have been our digital transformation partners. They have given Grupo Éxito the ability to process high-volume, mission-critical transactions with speed and accuracy. Unisys has helped us offer our customers a wide choice of brands through a variety of channels so they can choose what, how, when and where to make their purchases. This has resulted in our strong market leadership in South America."

- Andrés Lastra, IT Analyst