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FamilyNow™ Child Welfare Solution

Creating a practice-based solution for child and family welfare

The federal mandate is clear: Ensure that child protection services prioritize safety, permanency and well-being of children and families. To meet these needs, state agencies require a practice-based model to meet compliance requirements while supporting case workers and supervisors.

More than ever, caseworkers, supervisors, managers and leaders like you are seeking to revolutionize child welfare service delivery. Procuring Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) solutions that meet federal funding requirements, eliminate unnecessary costs, secure systems, and protect data are urgently needed.

How FamilyNow can help you

Our FamilyNow™ Child Welfare Solution is a practice that is committed to revolutionizing Child Protection Services through an integrated, family-centered and collaborative lens. We take a comprehensive approach to solutioning, and moving beyond technology to consider the entire ecosystem. Our solution is Powered by People, Enabled by Technology, and Focused on Case Workers and Supervisors.

Enabled by technology

  • Securely managed and protected by Unisys Cloud services
  • University researched and technologically advanced evidence based training curriculum for all staff
  • Workforce Development and focused skill building and support

Focused on case workers and supervisors

  • Increased job satisfaction and retention of talent
  • Reduction of case workers’ time spent on tasks and increased time spent with children and families
  • Promotion of data sharing with internal and external staff, partners and stakeholders

Powered by people. Providing an Executive Strategic Advisory Committee to support your implementation, meeting with your state staff and leaders throughout the transformation Modernization process.

  • Offering seasoned professionals who have decades of experience in Health and Human Services and state-based implementations
  • Including direct service Subject Matter Experts in Child Protection, Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, Child Support and additional services on site during implementation

FamilyNow was previously a product with a focus on aligning CCWIS requirements, with a goal of protecting children and optimizing the processes used by Social Workers across the Public Sector. Over time, we realized there were a variety of partners that have invested millions of dollars in technology to technically meet CCWIS requirements. Unisys decided to sunset FamilyNow as a product, replacing it with partner technical solutions.

About the solution

FamilyNow complies with Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) standards. Unisys uses Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products that can be updated to meet changing Federal standards and industry practices. We have partnered with industry leaders to integrate their best-of-breed products, such as Citi’s Unify Solution and stackArmor, to provide a comprehensive solution – not a product.

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Our solution provides many tangible benefits:

  • A Deployment-ready COTS Solution
  • Complete Modularity, Interoperability and Mobility
  • Superior User Experience (UX) developed with Child Welfare Practitioners for Child Welfare Practice
  • Cloud migration managed services and security services from an experienced cloud integration partner
  • Auditing capabilities from a third-party auditor
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Making technology work for children in need:

  • Comprehensive, modern case management solution
  • Supports child protective services
  • Ensures faster response times, improved accuracy in assessments and increased productivity
  • Offers dashboard customization, advanced data analytics, and secure mobile apps