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Seamless and Secure Digital Banking Solutions

Elevate’s top benefits

  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • Increased enterprise efficiency
  • More flexible and scalable delivery models
  • Enhanced customer and banker experience
  • Improved security and behavioral profiling
  • Faster speed to market

Embrace disruption and revolutionize banking processes

The traditional banking landscape is rapidly changing as nontraditional players including fintechs and neo-banks enter the global marketplace. These new entrants target the same customers as traditional financial institutions, but offer a greater array of products and services. To counter rising competition, financial institutions are adopting modular and easy to integrate solutions, such as Elevate™.

Elevate enables financial institutions to reinvent themselves by offering an enhanced experience for customers, personalized products, and agile responses. This integrated set of solutions enables continuous, seamless and secure customer journeys across mobile, internet, branch or contact center touchpoints. Elevate is vendor agnostic and integrates with existing channels or core banking systems, providing the fastest path to digital transformation.

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Enable the evolution of banking operations

As we look to the future, open banking will make way for embedded banking, the next wave of digital transformation for banks and financial institutions. From a retail banking perspective, the core utility of a bank is the ability to safely store money, move money, and access credit.

Embedded banking reframes that core utility through technologies like voice-based AI and smart glasses. Banking will be with you whenever and wherever, and this requires a new ecosystem of technology partners and providers.

Elevate is a digital banking ecosystem that helps financial institutions embrace disruption and revolutionize their underlying processes, capabilities and technologies. It offers a set of solutions that work on premise or in the cloud with existing core banking systems and links together existing channel applications to provide a seamless customer experience.

  • Works with existing core banking systems
  • Links together existing channel applications
  • Features best-of-breed responsive portal technology
  • Offers self-service origination to create simple and complex banking products
  • Enables open banking to tap into new revenue streams
  • Provides built-in analytics and user experience tools
  • Strengthens omnichannel security and upholds compliance
  • Deploys on premise or in the cloud
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Create modern, engaging and secure banking experiences

As the banking world continues to adapt to new technologies and disruptors, two things remain the same – the need for good customer experiences and the requirement for strong security. Elevate, the Unisys digital banking ecosystem, helps financial institutions embrace disruption and revolutionize their underlying processes, capabilities and technologies.

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Navigate the digital transformation to open banking

How can your financial institution navigate the transition to open banking? View this infographic and consider these three questions to ask and three principles to remember as you embark on your journey.