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Digital Identity and Access Management

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Digital Identity and Access Management

Short on time? Here’s an overview​

With Unisys digital identity solutions, you can add biometric capabilities to your mission-critical business processes — such as fingerprint, iris, facial, voice, and behavioral recognition. This approach, coupled with document verification at the time of enrollment, provides irrefutable identification for the strongest security safeguards. Therefore, your users can log in securely and safely from any location.

Use security as a service to protect your assets

​​With the Un​isys Digital Identity and Access Management (DIAM) solution, organizations can eliminate the threat vector associated with compromised passwords while increasing the level of assurance when granting users access to company resources. The potential of a passwordless, multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution offers one of the broadest sets of authentication options, including several patented biometric modalities. The solution can be deployed in a high availability configuration, both on-premise and in the cloud, to control network and application access and maintain transparency.

Stealth(identity), a core component of Unisys DIAM, allows you to integrate and strengthen security with a plug-and-play framework that uses existing biometric markers, making it a vital component in any zero-trust network or privileged access/ risk management posture. It extracts unique data points from live scans of the user's face during initial enrollment and compares a unique mathematical representation of the image during future login attempts to verify user identity.