Competitive Landscape:

The SEWP contracts were awarded through open competition to 147 prime contract holders including 120 small businesses.

New Solution Availability:

IT products, services, and solutions can be added in one day.

Depth of Offering:

There are currently more than 2.5 million unique product clins on the SEWP contracts along with supportive product engineering services and solutions.


Products are added, orders are processed and inquiries are responded to — all within 24 hours.

Customer Service:

The NASA SEWP staff is available every step of the way to work with users and Contract Holders to resolve any issues that may arise.

Tracking / Communication:

The NASA SEWP PMO tracks all orders through delivery and provides continuous feedback and reporting to clients and Contract Holders.

Low Price and Fee:

Product prices, in general, are consistently lower on SEWP due to contractual set-up, oversight and intense internal competition. The .375% SEWP fee is the lowest of all GWAC contracts and is included in the contract price.

Online Tools:

Whether your requirements are complex or off the shelf, the NASA SEWP website makes it easy to request a quote or ask for industry feedback and knowledge on possible IT solutions. The tools are available 24x7 at www.sewp.nasa.gov.

Free On-Site Training:

Training can be delivered to any Government location at no cost! WebEx training and online training videos are also available. Go to www.sewp.nasa.gov to learn more.

SEWP Oversight:

SEWP monitors all activities, processes, and transactions related to the SEWP contracts.


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