Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a sample of the FAQ available on the SEWP web site - by clicking ‘FAQ’ from the Fast Access Menu.

Q: What does SEWP stand for?

A: SEWP (pronounced ‘soup’) stands for Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement. The name reflects the ability to obtain mission critical, cutting edge and high-end IT products and product-based solutions for individual sites or Agency-wide requirements.

Q: Why does SEWP use a duck for a mascot?

A: The ducks came to be associated with SEWP (pronounced ‘soup’) based on the saying “it will be as easy as duck soup.” The ducks were further inspired by the Marx Brothers’ movie ‘Duck Soup.’ From Wikipedia: The phrase ‘duck soup’ is an old Americanism that has been around since at least 1902. It refers to something that is very easy; a cinch; a breeze.​

Q: Are BPAs/Blanket Purchase Agreements allowed on SEWP?

A: SEWP does not have a structure available that is identical to Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs). However, SEWP has the ability to be used for Delivery Orders with Options (DOWOs) and along with the Fair Opportunity procedures in FAR Part 16.505(b), some of the functionality related to Blanket Purchase Agreements can be applied to the SEWP process. For a full description of the functionality, please go to the FAQ section at

Q: Do I need to obtain three quotes to comply with Fair Opportunity?

A: No. Fair Opportunity and not the ‘three quote’ rule, applies to the SEWP Contracts. Fair Opportunity must be provided to all Contract Holders within at least one of the four Contract Holder Groups. If after providing Fair Opportunity (preferably using the SEWP Quote Request Tool), only one company provides a quote, you may proceed with the award and order. Note that this is not a sole source since you provided Fair Opportunity to the other Contract Holders. For further information on this topic, please go to the FAQ section at​​​​


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