Schedule 84 Solutions

GSA’s Schedule 84 offers a wide array of equipment and services for law enforcement needs. Unisys understands that the procurement process can be daunting, so we work diligently to streamline the process and maximize results. The SINs and descriptions below outline Unisys’ offering on Schedule 84.

246 60 1-Security Systems Integration and Design Services

Includes services involving the security integration and/or management discipline which supports security products or systems through their life cycle. Security Systems integration and design services may include, but are not limited to those associated with the design, test, production, fielding, sustainment, improvement of cost effective security and/or protection systems including the eventual disposal or salvage of these systems. Services may include studies and analysis such as - risk assessment, threat evaluation, and assessment (including resultant deliverables). Contractors may provide security or protection expertise in the pre-production or design phase of security or protection systems to ensure that the system can be supported through its life-cycle and that the infrastructure elements necessary for operational support are identified and acquired. These services may continue through the life cycle of the system or product and may include guidance, assistance and/or operational support. This includes all necessary security management elements.

246 60 2-Security Management and Support Services

Includes services providing the best practices, technologies and methodologies to plan, design, manage, operate and maintain secure and protected systems, equipment, facilities and infrastructures. Agency orders may include complete turnkey operations, maintenance and support services, or components thereof as needed to ensure secure and protected systems involving personnel security, physical access, and information security, and reduce life cycle costs. Contractor personnel carrying out these activities, to include management and operating staffs, are not involved with or responsible for the core business of the customer agency placing the order.

246 60 3-Security System Life Cycle Support

Includes services providing for design, coding, integration, testing, deploying, repair and maintenance of integrated security systems, and training across all platforms, enterprise wide, for the complete life cycle of the system.

246 52-Professional Security/Facility Management Services

Includes security consulting, training and facility management consulting.

Service Type Keywords for Awarded SINs: Cloud, Security, Data Center Management and Support, Outsourcing, Mission Critical, Application Modernization, Hosting, Systems Integration, IT security, Physical Security, Transformation, Virtualization, Automation, Operations Readiness, ITSM Operations Assessment & Gap Analysis, End-User, Help Desk, Service Desk, Call Center Support, Legacy Modernization, Storage, Archiving and Backup, Sharepoint, Network Design and Operations, Commercial Software Support, VPN, Disaster Recovery, Information Security, System Design, Solution Architect, Education, Trainings, Data modeling, Document Management, Data Entry, IV&V, Software Process improvement, Continuity of Operations, Enterprise Architecture, Process improvement, PMO Support Services, Financial Services, Re-Engineering and Analysis, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Email Hosting, Mobile Messaging, Google, Systems Testing, Storage Impact Analysis & Modernization Service.

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