GSA OASIS is a Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) for complex, integrated professional services (IT products & services are ancillary). The objective of OASIS is to provide Government agencies with total integrated solutions for a multitude of professional service based requirements on a global basis. These professional service requirements may call for solutions that cross over multiple disciplines, include ancillary support, and require commercial and/or non-commercial items, using a variety of contract types including fixed-price (all types), cost reimbursement (all types), time and materials/labor hour, or a hybrid mix of contract types. OASIS is available for use by all Federal agencies and other entities.

Period of Performance: Base ordering period is September 3, 2014 through September 2, 2019, with one 5-year option ordering period. Task order may run 5 years from date of award.

Contract Numbers: GS00Q14OADU144 – Pool 1
GS00Q14OADU222 – Pool 2
GS00Q14OADU438 – Pool 4

Unisys DUNS Number: 15-078-0674

Contract Type: Multiple Award Schedule

Unisys Category Pools Held: Pool 1: Engineering, Environmental and Other
Pool 2: Accounting and Finances
Pool 4: Research and Development

Program Ceiling: OASIS has no program ceiling, a five-year base and one five-year option, and provides for long term planning for complex program requirements.

Tiered Access Fee: OASIS offers an Innovative tiered access fee, ranging from 0.1 percent - 0.75 percent based on obligation level.

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