Unisys EAGLE II Quality Assurance Program

The Unisys Quality Policy is to deliver products, processes, services, and solutions to our customers that not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations. Our best practices Program Quality Management Plan will be customized to meet the specific needs of the Eagle Program. The graphic below illustrates the overall quality control process Unisys utilizes for each of our customer accounts.

Unisys performs three key types of reviews during the performance of our services:

  • Managerial/PM reviews are a means of ensuring Unisys methods, procedures, and best practices are being followed and meet the expectations of the management team and/or DHS in terms of schedule, budget, and level of quality.
  • Technical reviews are focused on identifying problems in systems and artifacts before the products are incorporated into the overall solution and are conducted in accordance with established procedures contained in the QMP.
  • Process reviews examine the process requirements, process flow (with inputs and outputs), associated documentation of the process (and its output if appropriate), and conduct process walkthroughs and/or demonstrations, as appropriate.​

All process audits will be planned, performed, and tracked during the Unisys performance of the Eagle contract. The results of all reviews will be available to DHS. We summarize the types and frequency of our quality reviews for the functional categories where Unisys is offering services to DHS In the table below:

Functional Category

Quality Control Focus

Types of Reviews



Infrastructure Engineering Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

Testing, Configuration Management, Systems Integration



Technical Reviews,

Managerial/PM Reviews

QM Team, Task Order Testing Team, Other Unisys or Teaming Partner Project Managers

At task order kick-off

At key project milestones

For each change or release being integrated to production

Operations and Maintenance

Operational processes and procedures, SLAs

Managerial/PM Reviews,

Process Reviews

QM Team, Task Order Testing Team, Unisys Management, Other Unisys or Teaming Partner Project Managers

At task order kick-off


At key project milestones


Quarterly or as Agreed with DHS

Unisys will subject all project deliverables to an internal review process prior to submission. This will help identify any defects and ensure the quality and completeness of the deliverable when presented to DHS. Unisys will also conduct a walkthrough with DHS of all project deliverables. Unisys believes that internal reviews and walkthroughs with DHS staff are key components to keeping DHS informed early and often about project progress, and in achieving on-schedule approval of deliverables and major milestones.

As noted in the graphic below, Unisys will conduct an After Action Review. The After Action Review provides an ongoing process for quality improvement by identifying lessons learned, which will then be made available to all DHS EAGLE staff.

During the course of any review, or during the course of operations, defects may be identified that require corrective actions. Any defects identified during the review process, or any issues identified during the course of the project, such as schedule risks or other issues, will be documented and assigned a severity level in a single log in the Rational Tool Suite for each task order.

Any member of the project team can identify and document an issue. Problems, issues, and defects that arise during the course of quality activities will be handled in accordance with the established change management and problem resolution/escalation processes and procedures. Issue logs will be reviewed at least monthly by the task order project manager, and at least quarterly by the PMO. Corrective action requirements will escalate based on the severity of identified defects. For instance, all high impact defects will require a corrective action plan and another review once the corrective actions are implemented. All identified defects must be resolved and any corrective actions taken must be documented.​​​


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