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Is Your VDI Cybersecure?

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Is Your VDI Cybersecure

Solution Highlights

  • Protection from hackers who penetrate your end users’ BYOD
  • Protection for users who leave your VDI and then return, potentially infecting it
  • A Zero Trust basis for allowing access to your network
  • Immediate detection of an intrusion of your VDI environment
  • Rapid isolation of the intruder to prevent lateral movement and data exfiltration
  • Compliance with industry cybersecurity standards
  • Swift, efficient deployment into your organization

Chances are you did not expect that your deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) would have grave security implications because of VDI’s enhanced centralization and isolation. But as many organizations are discovering, it would be a mistake to let the security benefits of VDI diminish your vigilance. Better protections against phishing, viruses, and malware have hackers looking for new targets, including VDI.

Your VDI is no doubt serving its main purposes: reducing strain on your IT resources and improving your end users’ experience. IT can add and subtract desktops faster and spend less time managing them. They can troubleshoot them quickly and remotely. With employees’ resources centralized in the data center or on the cloud, updates and patches are simpler.

In the meantime, your users get the exact desktop they need with high-bandwidth networking and swift response time, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.

To be sure, it is safer to use VDI to store critical data at the data center or on the cloud, where your security measures are bound to be top-quality, rather than on each individual user’s endpoint.

But there are still areas of vulnerability for your VDI environment.