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Unisys U-Pass™ Digital Pass

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Unisys U-Pass™ Digital Pass Overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

Unisys has worked for decades with leading healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, delivering field-tested and proven identity authentication systems. We have deployed some of the most trusted IT systems for governments, the military, and public agencies, driven by our expertise in complex public sector and large industry installations. U-Pass delivers security authentication best practices Unisys has derived from industry standards, extensive client experience, and the latest innovations in biometric modeling.

Get back to the workplace with secure access to COVID-19 testing results and vaccination cards

Pandemic-related shutdowns, business disruptions, and fears continue to jeopardize the crucial missions and income of almost every business, government, and non-profit organization. Efforts to sustain ongoing operations can be undermined in an instant by outbreaks of the virus. To adapt, your organization needs a comprehensive, reliable pandemic response plan to minimize coronavirus risk so you can operate safely and remain open.

With U-Pass™, you can easily check incoming workers and customers against a variety of criteria and credentials while tying those results to your physical access systems. Its software-as-a-service (SasS) delivery model provides you with a solution that requires no additional hardware or software to deploy and maintain.

With Unisys U-Pass digital pass, you can validate test results (pass/fail) and keep the appropriate records on returning employees to ensure safer workplaces.

By tying individual test results and vaccination status to access control, U-Pass provides you with the ability to ensure that only individuals authorized by you gain access.