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Digital Service Management

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Digital Service Management

Short on time? Here's an overview:

Using DSM can automate up to 70% of your existing management tasks while delivering better tools and service to your workforce. Keep tabs on all processes in real-time and introduce innovations and new services as they become available more easily.

Service management is one of the most important links between your organization’s goals and your workforce’s ability to get the job done. When moving to the cloud, you’ll want to make certain your digital transformation strengthens that connection with innovative tools, smarter ways to work, and above all, management that is more efficient and less manually intensive.

Poorly planned transformations can waste cloud resources, frustrate management efforts, and negatively impact worker productivity. Plus, using a patchwork of solutions from different cloud providers makes it much harder to manage individual applications and leaves companies open to costly IT issues. You can meet these challenges head on with Unisys.

From on-premises apps and processes to multi-vendor and container-based cloud solutions, Unisys delivers a holistic Digital Service Management (DSM) solution that helps you securely administer your expanding technology footprint.