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Optimizing Multi-Cloud Management


Optimizing Multi-Cloud Management

​After many companies experienced a rapid migration to cloud over the last year in response to COVID-19, there is now greater pressure to enable effective cloud management to further accelerate time to market.

To deliver core objectives and to enable continuity as businesses are now focused on ambitious growth plans after the pandemic, teams need to be empowered to self-serve throughout the cloud lifecycle, powered by governance, automation, production and analytics.

Whether on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud, there has never been a better time to centralise cloud management and expertise to create a unified environment.

So, how can you overcome the operational challenges created by complex cloud environments? How can you manage the security risks of multiple workloads in the cloud? And how can you achieve all of the above while meeting the mounting regulatory objectives?

Join Unisys and a select group of industry peers to discuss how to design, deploy and manage hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures and services that best support organizational needs across business units, and realize true multi-and hybrid cloud management, governance and automated operations.