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Connecting the Victorian Government for the Experience Economy with Client-Centric Digital Services

April 14, 2021 • The Events Centre, Collins Street
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Roundtable breakfast specifically developed for senior executives

Measuring success in digital service transformation in Government is easy. What took citizens or businesses eight days and eight interactions should now take three minutes and be completed in just one simple visit. This one visit needs to be offered either online, by phone or through a walk-in service centre, each using the same digital platform.

Speed and connectivity are key enablers in digital transformation. With citizens and businesses demanding and expecting the simplicity they know digital connectivity offers, Government; as a key service provider; needs to get this right.

Utilising digital capacity to support labour intensive processes delivers flexibility in the allocation and best use of Government’s human resources. Adding connectivity both supports and extends productivity while reducing cost and complexity.

Digital Government, for delivery of services to both citizens and business is a powerful enabler of efficiency which supports the backbone for potential economic growth. Governments that do this well no longer ‘get in the way’ but are seen as citizen and business centric and acknowledged as help not hindrance.

Those jurisdictions which have most strongly planned and implemented Government wide and not department or agency project-by-project digital strategy, can now offer a wider range of services at a lesser cost with higher take-up and customer satisfaction.

In Victoria, this starts with identifying learning opportunities from the previous ICT strategy and re-defining the processes and roadmap to success.

Join us to discuss the challenge ahead for Victoria and how to tackle rapid progress touching on:

  • Enablers required to deliver digital services in a citizen and business centric government
  • Cloud migration strategies leveraging multi-cloud to streamline back-ends and innovate the front-end citizen experience
  • Managing security and risk in a hybrid and modern digital workplace;
  • Effective multi-vendor management​

Your Facilitators:

Andrew Scarr,
(fmr) Director - PMO Procurement Transformation
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Rowan Dollar,
(fmr) CIO
Department of Human Services, SA

Leon Sayers,
Regional Advisory Lead APAC

Adrian Iannessa
Senior Director of Technology,
Dell Technologies Australia & New Zealand