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CIO & CISO Dach Smart Strategy Forum

November 18, 2021 | 2 PM BST • Virtual
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Hybrid Workplace

With so many companies and offices transitioning over to a combination of remote work and office work or what is known as a hybrid workplace, challenges such as the employee experience gap becomes more prevalent with such workplace. If you belong to an organisation that had adapted a hybrid working environment then it’s highly possible that you may experience tremendous pressure and a need to collaborate, innovate and most importantly adapt to the changes that are needed to run your organisation’s operation smoothly. Aside from those mentioned, you may also face challenges with navigating and making the hybrid workplace environment work for your organisation as there is also a need to switch over to a work-from-home setting. Issues such as employees who can’t reliably use their technology also pose a threat to your organisation’s productivity as it may result in alienating your most talented people. This leads to wasting company resources such as time and money as well as posing the risk of having an increase in employee turnover which every organisation would want to avoid.

Topics include:

How to embrace strategies in adapting a hybrid workplace including digital transition and transformation
How to enable employees to foster digital transition/transformation to minimize employee experience gap
How to keep up with the fast pace of change and adapt a successful work-from-home setting

Speakers include:

Matthias Hoffmann, Senior Director IT Controlling at Adidas
Kevin Turner, Digital Workplace Strategy Lead, EMEA at Unisys