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Boost Your Cyber Recovery Resilience to Protect Data and Reduce Risk

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Boost Your Cyber Recovery Resilience Against Threats - Overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

The combination of Dell Technologies’ Cyber Recovery Vault — which provides air-gapped technology with deep data analysis — with Unisys’ expert services and Unisys Stealth® Zero Trust Cyber Security can help thoroughly cover your organization’s cyber recovery gaps, boosting resilience and protection.

Partner with Unisys and Dell Technologies to close cyber recovery gaps

Attackers are not only targeting systems, data and backups, they’re encrypting backup catalogs, systems and data. While an extensive attack could wipe out a business, even a partial breach could prove to be extremely costly. How much will it cost your organization if your operations are crippled by ransomware? Can you afford for your systems to be down? And for how long?

Because ransomware and destructive attacks cause significant disruption, brand damage and lost revenue, more organizations are prioritizing the protection of critical applications. Before you settle on a cyber recovery solution, consider these key questions about your cyber recovery resilience:

  • Did you know replication strategies usually fail in response to a cyber attack?
  • Are you considering the risk from insider threats?
  • Does your cybersecurity team understand that disaster recovery is different from cyber recovery?
  • Does your team understand that backup catalogs are also vulnerable and what works best as a backup medium?
  • Did you know that the SEC requires publicly traded companies to disclose their cybersecurity posture?
  • How is your team meeting the legal and compliance requirements of regulatory bodies?
  • Who owns the “recovery” strategy in your organization?
  • Have you evaluated your organization’s backup infrastructure?
  • Does your strategy go beyond breaches and theft of data to consider integrity and availability of data?