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Unisys Recognized as a Leader by ISG in its 2021 ISG Provider Lens™️ Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud Quadrant and Archetype Reports

ISG Archetype Report

Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud Quadrant

The ISG Provider Lens™️ Archetype Report summarizes the relative capabilities of 30 and private/hybrid cloud and data center outsourcing service providers. Leaders stand out in their abilities to address the requirements of four typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers (archetypes).


Of the 30 service providers included in the research, ISG found 11 stand out above the others as managed services leaders based on an assessment of their capabilities.

Quadrant Reports

The Quadrant Reports summarize the relative capabilities of more than 50 software vendors/service providers in the US, 100 in the UK, and 35 in Brazil. Leaders in the managed services quadrant have established a proven track record of helping clients in planning the transformation of each workload and maximizing the performance of workloads in the cloud, as opposed to simply taking a “lift and shift” approach.