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Offering excellent employee experiences, enabling agile ways of working and supporting collaboration — anytime, anywhere and on any device — is critical to business success in today’s workplace.

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As a hybrid workforce becomes the new business reality, organizations must look beyond simply providing access to enterprise resources

79% of business leaders and 75% of employees say that remote work is just as productive — or more productive — than working from a company location.

64% of business leaders indicate that their organization plans to adopt a different operating model than it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t be part of the one-third of global organizations to be left behind.

51% of business leaders and 64% of employees agree that a work location and schedule that is conducive to family life contributes to an ideal employee experience.


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Businesses everywhere must place a greater priority on enhancing employee experiences which in turn will drive higher productivity, collaboration and better customer outcomes. Organizations that adapt to provide digital and experience parity will not only retain employees in a competitive marketplace but they will also empower those employees to provide the best service possible to their organization’s customers. Do it well and you drive engagement, productivity and adaptability as new workforce demands emerge.

Leon Gilbert
Leon Gilbert
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Workplace Services, Unisys

The most successful organisations will be those who offer experience parity – this requires thinking beyond just technology and considering the organisational structure, polices, procedures and culture required to ensure an excellent employee experience where people can engage effectively with each other, collaborate and work productively in an agile work environment.

Leon Sayers
Leon Sayers
Asia Pacific Advisory Director, Unisys

To create a great employee experience, employers need to understand what technology, processes and policies their people require to do their jobs effectively. This requires two-way conversations with their teams and a preparedness to change existing procedures.

Elizabeth Zimmer
Elizabeth Zimmer
Director, Digital Workplace Services, Unisys

The real challenge for IT is providing experience parity for all employees, working in various and hybrid locations. This means enabling all workers to find individual ways of working that drive productivity and innovation anytime, anywhere and on any device. AI, automation, analytics and proactive problem resolution are part of a broader set of technologies and processes required to provide this. This survey shows how varied the perceptions are on a modern, Digital Workplace. It also shows that many businesses think ahead by creating a workplace which will not only be more productive, but also be better for their employees.

Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner
EMEA Digital Workplace Strategy Lead, Unisys
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