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Liberate Yourself From the Burden of Legacy Applications

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Short on time? Here's an overview:

Moving to the cloud, however, in and of itself is not a business strategy. Rather, it is a means to an end. Your real strategy must be to prioritize your business drivers and then identify the problems impacting those drivers. Then you can assess which applications to modernize, replace, or even leave alone. You need to rethink the purpose of the applications and business processes you’re modernizing so you can design differently for greater results. And you need to execute on these actions using a lean, fast, agile delivery model that builds in security along the way.

Undermining Your Ability to Compete

The pace of business is accelerating more rapidly than ever. To remain competitive, you need applications that are easily accessible and can meet the real-time demands of the digital economy. Unfortunately, your legacy applications are not up to either task, which jeopardizes your organization’s ability to seize opportunities and adapt to changing market and operating conditions. Legacy apps not only limit your responsiveness – thus undermining your ability to compete – they are expensive to deploy and maintain.

To overcome these challenges and deliver a superior customer experience, it is imperative that you modernize applications and apply lean transformation processes. With Unisys Application Services, you can identify your business pain points, eliminate the most problematic ones through modernization, and start realizing benefits within three months.

Migrate to Modernize With Unisys LeanBiz Application Services

The first step toward modernization is to migrate your legacy enterprise applications to the cloud. Moving apps to the cloud improves efficiency and productivity while saving you money. But there’s another important step: once your legacy apps are in the cloud, you must increase your speed to market. This is no easy transformation. You may have hundreds or even thousands of applications to modernize, a process that could take years and consume valuable IT resources. Meanwhile, your organization needs new capabilities now.

Using the LeanBiz™ approach developed by Unisys, you’ll:

  • Quickly Assess Your App Workloads. Complete a multi-tiered assessment to determine what it will take to modernize the workloads that matter most to your business performance.
  • Isolate Pain Points. Once you identify and map out your sources of friction, you can isolate individual domains within monolithic applications using Unisys microservice blueprints.
  • Deploy New Code Without Disrupting Business. From there you’ll be able to modernize one app at a time, enabling you to move much faster while keeping the business running uninterrupted.

Further, the Unisys secure containers service model provides you with a layer of security while maintaining best practices for flexibility. When you take this targeted approach to modernization with Unisys, your applications soon will support business speed and innovation instead of throttling them.