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Security Magazine: What Does Your Virtual Meeting Background Say About You?

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Unisys in the News

Security Magazine features an article from Unisys’ Jen Bazela on the security risks many work-from-home workers may be taking with virtual meetings

Unisys Director of Security Programming Jen Bazela has authored a new article in Security Magazine on the cybersecurity risks facing workers and businesses when people share their backgrounds during virtual meetings. The article cites four considerations for people working from home, and how they can better defend themselves against cyber threats associated with virtual meetings.

Jennifer Bazela - Cybersecurity and Business Enablement Leader

Jennifer Bazela

Jennifer Bazela ist Vizepräsidentin für Business Transformation und Strategic Programs im Corporate Security and Infrastructure Office (CSIO) der Unisys Corporation. Sie ist für die Leitung und Entwicklung strategischer Cyber- und IT-Programme verantwortlich, die technische Bereitstellungen, Schulungsprogramme, Sensibilisierungskampagnen und funktionsübergreifende Kommunikation einschließen.