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CRN: Government's Cyber Pledge Has Largely Failed to Increase Awareness

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Why some Australian organisations still struggle to understand the scale of the cyber threat and how to manage it appropriately

Gergana Winzer joins security industry peers to examine why Australian businesses underestimate the cyber threats they face. She explains that is critical for a business to be able to bounce back from an attack quickly - which translates into resilience. "Resilience is the new black," she says.

Gergana Winzer

Gergana Winzer

Gergana Winzer ist Industry Director für Cybersecurity, verantwortlich für den asiatisch-pazifischen Raum bei Unisys. Sie ist eine leidenschaftliche Verfechterin und Vordenkerin für Cybersicherheit sowie für weibliche Führungskräfte und Frauen im IT-Bereich.