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Security Boulevard: COVID-19 Leads to Greater Consumer Awareness of Data Security

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Interview with Unisys’ Jen Bazela on the 2020 Unisys Security Index™ and Americans’ concern over data privacy

Unisys Director of Cybersecurity Programming Jen Bazela spoke with Security Boulevard on the findings of the 2020 Unisys Security Index™ and how during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more protective over sharing their personal data, even if it brings potential benefits. Bazela notes the importance of trust and how businesses can boost their resilience as a way to increase transparency and build trust with their customers.

Jennifer Bazela - Cybersecurity and Business Enablement Leader

Jennifer Bazela

Jennifer Bazela ist Vizepräsidentin für Business Transformation und Strategic Programs im Corporate Security and Infrastructure Office (CSIO) der Unisys Corporation. Sie ist für die Leitung und Entwicklung strategischer Cyber- und IT-Programme verantwortlich, die technische Bereitstellungen, Schulungsprogramme, Sensibilisierungskampagnen und funktionsübergreifende Kommunikation einschließen.