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Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Reality Check: To Ensure Success, Do Not Overlook These Six Critical Areas

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Explore Six Critical Areas of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Success

COVID-19 forced organizations to change their operations, often very quickly and, sometimes, without adequate planning. Some were forced to undertake their first cloud deployment out of necessity, while others ramped up existing clouds. These decisions were logical since cloud deployments enabled organizations to quickly serve remote workers and scale up to meet increased online business demand.

At Unisys, we believe the trend toward the cloud will only continue to gain momentum from now on. Therefore, how can organizations capitalize on the opportunities the cloud represents and minimize the challenges?

Download this point-of-view perspective by Anupriya Ramraj, VP of Cloud Services for Unisys.

Anupriya Ramraj

Anupriya Ramraj

Anupriya Ramraj, Vice President Cloud Solution Management, verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Führungserfahrung im Bereich Software Engineering und Produktmanagement. Sie verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrungen in den Bereichen Cloud-Technologien, Operational Automation Engineering und künstliche Intelligenz für den IT-Betrieb (AIOps).