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Business, Customer, and Employee Experience: A Discussion with Leon Gilbert

Business experience (BX) + employee experience (EX) = customer experience (CX). This equation represents the new formula for success in today's digital workplace.

With BX defined as an organization's main motivation or purpose, this factor is foundational to an organization's ability to drive exceptional CX— by focusing on EX.

In episode 218 of The Agile Brand podcast with Greg Kihlström, Unisys Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Workplace Solutions Leon Gilbert explains how companies can unite customer, business and employee experience strategies to create measurable results. He also discusses the role of organizational change management in CX and EX transformation in the era of hybrid work.

Leon Gilbert

Leon Gilbert

Senior Vice President und General Manager des Geschäftsbereichs Digitale Arbeitsplatzlösungen. Leiter eines Teams, das fortschrittliches Designdenken für ergebnisorientierte Resultate einsetzt.