Be Your Bank’s Cybersecurity Hero


Redefine cybersecurity with microsegmentation

Every story has its characters—the victims, bad guys and heroes. Today’s struggle to balance data protection with employee productivity pits cyber attackers against the IT security professionals tasked with protecting our digital lives.

Watch how a cybersecurity hero utilizes Unisys Stealth® to stop the lateral movement of an attacker attempting to further infect and steal sensitive financial data, drain accounts, commit fraud, or expose personally identifiable information (PII). In this video, discover how you can:

  • Redefine security to deliver adaptive protection
  • Protect the critical assets within your bank
  • Increase the productivity of your security team
  • Mitigate risk of a security breach

Learn more about microsegmentation with a series of infographics that follow fictional financial services conglomerate CISO, Andrew Stark, as he tackles his bank’s toughest security challenges—from data center consolidation, to legacy system isolation, to large-scale mobile and cloud deployments—all while maintaining compliance with industry standards.