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The Unisys Stealth® Capture the Flag Challenge is looking for cybersecurity developers, pen testers, and hackers to break into the Unisys Stealth® environment. Can you hack it? We are so confident in the Stealth™ solution capabilities that we’re willing to pay a bounty if you are able to “capture the flag.”

What is Unisys Stealth®?


Stealth is a software suite trusted by government and commercial organizations to protect sensitive systems from cyber threats with identity-driven, software-defined micro-segmentation. Stealth creates communities of interest (COI) that establish exclusive communication channels between members based on trusted identities. Community members cannot initiate or accept communication from non-members and cryptography restricts non-members from intercepting intra-community communications

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Highlights of past CTFs

The Unisys CTF Challenge was held at RSA in February 26th, 2020.

The one day event allowed the participants to try to hack into Unisys Stealth® environment. The goal of this challenge was to highlight Unisys Stealth® environment and how secure it truly is. If anyone was to succeed, they would win $10,000.

A total of 21 people participated, and no one was able to compromise the Stealth™ environment. However, $10,000 was donated to WiCyS in support of their Veterans Assistance Program!

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Here is what we heard:

The event was incredibly well put together, however Stealth is very frustrating! I have been doing CTF events
for 12 years and this is one CTF that has stumped me from the very beginning
Nicholas Frangia

Before coming here, I thought it wasn’t going to be hard. Now, it feels very well implemented
and I need to rethink my strategy
Priyal Shah

Holy cow, this is hard!
Wally Ly