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Secure Your Transformation

Secure Your Transformation

Adopt a security-first approach that protects your entire IT estate

Traditional security measures can no longer protect you from increasingly sophisticated threat vectors. Even your employees can contribute to your system's vulnerabilities. With Unisys, you’ll utilize a proven framework to weave security seamlessly into the fabric of your entire IT footprint.

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Infuse data protection at every touchpoint

Digital transformation has brought much-needed scalability and agility to commercial businesses and government agencies alike, improving efficiency and fostering innovation. It has also introduced a new set of security risks and risk enablers.

With Unisys, you’ll protect your critical assets and simplify authorized access using advanced digital identity management software. You’ll implement a full-stack security platform designed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. And you’ll deploy a zero-trust security model to gain operational agility while containing risk.

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Protect your data. Everywhere.

Despite its distinct advantages, the cloud vastly increases an organization's technology footprint and attack surface. Workloads and users are virtually anywhere, by design. This expansion means that organizations today are likely to increase complexity and become victims of data breaches due to vulnerabilities in their supply chain or in the third-party apps they use.

With Unisys, you can enhance your security posture so it keeps pace with the rapid evolution of the cloud and the ever-emerging threats it poses to your organization and distributed workforce and partner ecosystem.

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Blue cross blue shield of north dakota

Co-locating our datacenter with Unisys is really a best practice in DR effectiveness. We no longer have to worry about costly capital investments associated with core infrastructure upgrades and building leases, space constraints, or access to facilities during disasters. We’ve gone from having systems in various locations to a single facility that can accommodate all of our space and support needs to ensure continuous processing of Medicaid and Medicare claims.

Gwendoline Poyner
Business Continuity Manager - Information Security & Risk Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

European central bank ecb

Our responsibilities and tasks are essential for contributing towards the stability of the EU financial system. As a strategic partner, Unisys delivers secure, dynamic and flexible services that enable us to meet increasing demand and support innovation.

Glenn Scott
Head of Division DG-IS/IOS,
European Central Bank​


As consumers, we get bombarded with calls and text messages every day; we need to be able to know what we can trust. Somos, with the help of Unisys, is providing the trust and security that all consumers deserve

Gina Perini
President and CEO, Somos

Cloud and Infrastructure
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Cloud solutions for the world’s most demanding organizations

Unisys cloud solutions adhere to the highest security and compliance standards to mitigate risk at each stage of the cloud adoption lifecycle. We design, deploy, and manage flexible and customized cloud solutions that effectively address our clients’ current needs while establishing a foundation to support long-term growth and change.