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The hybrid workplace creates an employee experience gap

Organizations like yours face tremendous pressure to collaborate, innovate, and adapt to changing business circumstances. On top of that, you’re navigating hybrid workplace environments stressed by the mass switch to work-from-home. When your employees can’t reliably use their technology, you could be alienating your most talented people. As a result, you could be wasting time and money and could experience more employee turnover than desired.

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Ensure Exceptional Experience

Close the experience gap

With Unisys, you can proactively monitor collaborative workspaces to identify and troubleshoot problems—and facilitate shared projects. Modern device management enables the uninterrupted workdays you need your people to have at home. As your users continue relying on their home offices for the long run, you can deliver the seamless employee experience they need to be just as productive at home as they are in the office.

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Seamless collaboration for today’s hybrid workplace

Unisys, powered by Unify Square, is transforming collaboration by proactively identifying, securing, and resolving complex issues with proven solutions that result in an exceptional user experience.

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Employee experience is the key

Results from our recent Digital Workplace Insights™ study showed that enabling agile ways of working and supporting collaboration — anytime, anywhere and on any device — is critical to business success in today’s workplace.

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Creating value for customers and consumers globally

"Unisys’ top-notch services, fast access and insights enable us to provide a modern workplace with secure, innovative solutions – making us more customer and consumer centric.”

Bart Kerkman, Head of Service Delivery, Henkel

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