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Maintain the highest regulatory standards always

Commercial businesses and government agencies are all coping with a dramatic rise in compliance burdens. Every data breach drives a raft of new regulations, especially in the cloud—and these regulations will only continue to evolve and grow in volume. Organizations are also increasingly responsible for the compliance of third parties who link to their systems, like vendors, partners, or customers. But compliance budgets remain static even as requirements and costs soar.

With Unisys, you'll integrate your compliance processes so they align with your organization’s strategies and objectives. You'll automate remediation and compliance workflows to both boost efficiency and improve returns on your investments. You’ll also be able to quickly report on your compliance controls and results for leadership.

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Enable Continuous Compliance

Enable continuous oversight

The digital landscape for today’s distributed organizations is more technically complicated, especially in hybrid cloud environments, which makes compliance to data privacy and security regulations more challenging. This is the kind of environment that Unisys helps its clients navigate every day.

Unisys security and compliance solutions are designed to help organizations manage sensitive data and processes in today’s digital world. We build security and compliance into every cloud engagement at the highest possible level. You’ll gain advanced security and compliance capabilities that help you reduce your risk exposure and eliminate burdensome complexity.

Comply with evolving regulations for AI and machine learning
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Comply with evolving regulations for AI and machine learning

How can you innovate in the absence of clear regulations? Read this paper for insight into how to keep moving forward as regulations related to cloud-based AI and ML adoption continue to change.

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Migrate to the cloud with minimal risk – with Unisys

Migrating to the cloud can be hard to manage and risky to deploy. You need the right roadmap – and a trusted team to help you execute it. Choose Unisys. We take the complexity out of cloud transformation. See how Unisys can help you not just get started in the cloud – but get ahead.

Unisys in action


I am very enthusiastic to take a proven solution, the Unisys MCP software, into the new world of virtual machines and private cloud solutions of ING. This opens the perspective of better managing applications of legacy, while keeping a proven framework for running a bank. As we want to be a great digital bank with personalized service, keeping our system of records in top shape is essential. Equally, moving to new scalable digital private cloud solutions is critical.

Rob Manders

Georgia technology authority

As the central IT authority for the State of Georgia, we’re committed to improving the overall quality and speed of our services to agencies and citizens. Unisys’ CloudForte solution has brought in greater flexibility, security and speed to market – at a much better price point.

Sunil Aluri
COO, Georgia Technology Authority
State of Georgia

Blue cross blue shield of north dakota

Co-locating our datacenter with Unisys is really a best practice in DR effectiveness. We no longer have to worry about costly capital investments associated with core infrastructure upgrades and building leases, space constraints, or access to facilities during disasters. We’ve gone from having systems in various locations to a single facility that can accommodate all of our space and support needs to ensure continuous processing of Medicaid and Medicare claims.

Gwendoline Poyner
Business Continuity Manager - Information Security & Risk Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Cloud and Infrastructure
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Cloud solutions for the world’s most demanding organizations

Unisys cloud solutions adhere to the highest security and compliance standards to mitigate risk at each stage of the cloud adoption lifecycle. We design, deploy, and manage flexible and customized cloud solutions that effectively address our clients’ current needs while establishing a foundation to support long-term growth and change.