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Existing technology causes workplace friction

Employees come to work seeking the same joyful relationship with their technology that they experience as a consumer. They expect devices and software to be easy to use and collaboration to be intuitive—far from the reality in modern workplaces.

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Measure what matters

So most likely, half your workers are suffering in silence. That means unhappy, unproductive employees, higher costs, lower innovation, and the possibility of talent leaving your organization.

The fast-moving modern workforce deserves technology that delivers on expectations. Working with Unisys, you can anticipate your employees’ needs without them needing to say a word.

You’ll unearth hidden frustrations through sentiment analysis and experience level agreements, and these XLAs measure your technology performance based on what matters: your business outcomes. Proactive intelligence will predict and resolve user problems before they even become irritating, much less disruptive. No longer do budget realities interfere with a stellar user experience, as Unisys InteliServe technology will cost less, the smarter it gets. The result: happier employees, better profitability, and increased revenues.

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Unisys in action

Air France KLM came to Unisys with a problem: Their boarding pass kiosks were malfunctioning and tying up ticket agents’ time. Together, we set up an automated workflow that detects issues and triggers both a red light on the kiosk and support button at the agent’s station. Simply by pushing the button, the ticket agent signals the correct Unisys resolver group that a field agent is needed to work on the device.

Areas of focus

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Employee experience is the key

Results from our recent Digital Workplace Insights™ study showed that enabling agile ways of working and supporting collaboration — anytime, anywhere and on any device — is critical to business success in today’s workplace.