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Support Every Employee Equally

Short on time? Here's an overview:

With our suite of digital workplace services, you can put the user experience first in the deployment, management, and support of the tools your employees need to do their jobs. You’ll give them integrated systems that are easy to use on their terms, anticipate their needs, and deliver efficiencies across your IT infrastructure now and as your organization evolves. You’ll avoid the needless expense and constant catch-up of deploying disconnected point solutions. You’ll provide meaningful transformation experiences for employees, so you can retain high-value employees who are consistently excited about coming to work.


Most companies support an increasing number of remote workers and want to provide consistent support to all of them. But devoting a full-time resource to a small office is inefficient, and doesn’t help remote workers who office at home. Even something simple like a lost or broken laptop could put a key person out of commission. If it’s the office Wi-Fi router or POS system for a retail location that dies, productivity for that whole site is down. Employees in those situations can feel like second-class citizens, unappreciated by headquarters and neglected by IT.

What If You Could Support Every Employee Equally, No Matter Their Work Location?

You don’t want to wind up with haves and have-nots. Now you can enable all employees to do their job and be productive in a consistent way, no matter where they are. When you work with Unisys, you can tap into the world’s largest footprint of field and virtual support resources using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning within their toolsets. They can enable you to deliver consistent, high-quality, hands-on support to any location, day or night, weekend or weekday, holiday or workday. And, your employees will have the tools to they need to collaborate while you keep all your endpoints in their hands up-to-date, healthy, and secure.

In sum, your employees not only get consistent help and minimize downtime, but they also feel supported, even in a remote location.

Three Keys to IT Support Employees Value

1. Provide World-Class On-Site Support Wherever You Need It

Sending support staff to remote sites is expensive and inefficient, but adding a full-time resource to each location is even costlier. Hiring local providers leads to spotty, inconsistent service across all your location and juggling all the local partners makes it even more of a hassle. When you work with Unisys, you’ll provide all your locations consistent on-site support from human reps, without being locked into hiring FTEs or managing multiple vendors. Only with Unisys will you be able to tap into the largest footprint of qualified support techs, so you can provide all of your employees—no matter where across the globe they work—with consistent, high-quality support, without having to manage a patchwork of local partners.

2. Kiosks: A Virtual Support Option That Mirrors On-Site Support

IT problems don’t confine themselves to office hours or weekdays. When you work with Unisys, you’ll be able to provide support and keep people productive 24/7/365. Even if you can’t staff a tech café like you might have at headquarters, you can provide that same user experience with TecLink, the kiosk-based option for employees who prefer a (virtual) face-to-face experience. They can walk up to the kiosk, and interact with a human support agent. If they need a loaner laptop or a replacement power cord, they can find them right at hand in a vending machine or locker, quickly solving the employee’s problem while maintaining your control over access and approvals. For hands-on support when nobody is on site, augmented reality technology lets your employee connect with a tech who can see the problem and act as a second set of hands to guide the user to a solution. In other words, you’ll get your remote employees back up and running as efficiently as you do at HQ.

3. Keep Your Employees Productive and Your Endpoints Healthy

Remote employees are the most likely to miss version updates, patches, and the other steps you take to keep devices up to standard and healthy. Not only are out-of-compliance endpoints vulnerable to problems, including malicious intrusion, they are difficult for your support agents to troubleshoot. When you work with Unisys, you’ll provide employees with reliable tools like Office 365, and you’ll maintain standardized, consistent policies for all your users and all their devices. You can maintain tighter organizational control on data and eliminate user data loss. You can also streamline security policies and tools, without the need for desk side installs and updates. You can do all of this across multiple device types with Unisys’ Unified Endpoint Management services with remote management technology. You’ll provide users with the most up-to-date version of their tools automatically and in the background to make them more productive and help them feel better supported. This means you’ll improve the overall health of your technology environment, which results in fewer support calls and more efficient support when it’s needed.