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Data Aggregation And Insights

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Data Aggregation And Insights - Overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for effective data management in manufacturing. Unisys’ extensive know-how in different products in the data space enables us to choose the right set of products for your business. Depending on your data maturity, we can either provide a ready-to-use platform, or use our tailored advisory capacity to build up on your existing data products and strategy to bring it to the next level.

A guide to deliver business outcomes using data driven insights and AI

Industry 4.0 promises automation, smarter monitoring through IoT, actionable predictive insights, as well as a future-proof and sustainable way of doing business. Through smarter data management, manufacturers can leverage relationships for maximum value and gain insight to make products that target customers better.

Data is the new oil in this space. Without high-quality data, AI adoption is virtually impossible. Projects trying to implement AI without implementing a data management strategy first are doomed to fail.

Nevertheless, organizations still struggle with their data management. Data and AI is not a sprint but a marathon. A strategic, integrated approach is needed to succeed. The following model helps you to assess your data maturity and shows you a step-by-step road to prepare your data for smart manufacturing.