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Helping make the Internet safe

The nation's critical infrastructure is increasingly dependent on the Internet, while cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Cybersecurity and National Security are now on the same footing, and require the same kinds of strategic vision. Enacting this vision will benefit all Americans, resulting in economic growth, increased security and privacy, and establishing global cybersecurity leadership in the United States.

To promote these goals, Unisys helped lead a Cybersecurity Moonshot subcommittee that developed a set of recommendations for a "whole of nation approach" for a safer, more resilient internet to deliver government and critical infrastructure services. This initiative echoes the bold, strategic original Moonshot challenge given to American scientists by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to land humans on the moon. This time, the goal is a safer, more resilient use of the Internet to deliver government and critical infrastructure services securely.

On November 14, 2018, Unisys Chairman and CEO Peter Altabef and Moonshot cochair Mark McLaughlin of Palo Alto Networks delivered the draft report to the White House, receiving a unanimous NSTAC member vote. Cybersecurity Moonshot now begins the next phase of its 10-year proactive initiative to bring a more secure future.

NSTAC has proposed a focus on six strategic pillars for a safe and secure internet to bring economic growth, national security, enhanced privacy, technology advances and global leadership benefits.

Cybersecurity Moonshot Peter Altabef Video
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Forum on Leadership 2019: Technological transformations and threats

Technology is transforming the way we live. As new technology continues to find its way into our homes, businesses, and lives, even listening to our every word, how do we remain vigilant while enjoying the convenience?

About Cybersecurity Moonshot

About Cybersecurity Moonshot

Founded in 1982 by President Reagan and an act of Congress, NSTAC is chartered to provide information and advice to the President with respect to national security and emergency preparedness, telecommunications, information and communications services (including emerging technologies, broadband, public safety, communications infrastructure security and resilience and cybersecurity). Read the FAQs.

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Unisys’ Peter Altabef discusses security and trust on BBC World’s Talking Business

Unisys Chairman and CEO Peter Altabef was interviewed by Aaron Hestlehurst on BBC World’s Talking Business. They discussed the secure roll out of 5G, the findings of the report from the Cybersecurity Moonshot sub-committee of NSTAC, cyberattacks and national security and our trust in technology for economic growth.

Cybersecurity Built to Protect the Critical
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Cybersecurity built to protect the critical

We deliver Security Services that operationalize cybersecurity across organizational silos by defining a balanced risk posture, monitoring threats in real-time and assisting in recovery from attacks to critical assets. Learn about our Security Solutions and Unisys Stealth® Products and Services.