Smart Secure Airports
$ 3.77 Million is the average total cost of a data breach in the transportation industry.

The 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report by Ponemon Institute



Smart and Secure Airports for the Modern Traveler


Ensure Airport and Passenger Security Without Compromising on Travelers’ Airport Experience

The threat landscape of airports is not what it used to be. Traditional approaches are unable to meet the security needs of airports today. Unisys presents innovative solutions that address airport and passenger security needs holistically.

Airport Security Needs a New Approach

This video tells you why an integrated view of airport security is needed to secure their converged ecosystem.

Smart, Secure Airports for the Mobile Traveler

In this webinar, Unisys experts discuss the application of new security paradigms to address airport security needs. Register now.

Point of View: Why Airport Security Needs a New Approach

This point of view paper elaborates the changes in the airport IT and OT landscape that mandate new approaches to airport security.

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Passenger Security


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Physical Security

Security Solution

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