​Disruption is on the Horizon​​

When your IT services provider goes through a merger or acquisition, where does that leave you? Too often, the upheaval within the newly-formed entity manifests as service disruptions, poor response time, delayed deployments, and a general drop in the quality of service you require.

We understand the serious repercussions for your business – that such problems can cause. But while these problems may be expected, they do not have to be accepted. You can use this time as an opportunity to explore new options for reliable and agile IT.

At Unisys, we provide digital business solutions to help you avoid all the confusion and difficulties caused by a merger or acquisition. You will benefit from:

  • Our experience and expertise as recognized by industry analysts
  • A proven transition method that ensures a smooth and seamless implementation
  • Application, data center, and security centers certified at ISO 20000, 27001, and 9001
  • An Applied Innovation Program that systematically delivers innovative ideas and outcomes
  • Advanced security for advanced threats, including physical security offerings and unique software-based cryptography to address cyber security attacks

We work extensively with clients in the Financial Services arena, the Public and Federal Government sectors, and a wide range of Commercial industries, including Communications, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation.

We would be glad to talk with you about your current IT services, and develop a plan to solve your most complex IT challenges. Our mission is to keep your business running optimally – all day, every day.​​​

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