Safe Cities

When Smart becomes Safe

A Safe City takes the promise of Smart Cities and builds upon it to account for public safety concerns.

Safe Cities empower citizens to make full use of technology, data, and are built upon the capabilities and connectivity of Smart Cities. For example, Smart Cities are replete with additional sensors and technology that can be harnessed to make the city safer. A Safe City would take the input from all of these sensors, centralize them, and ensure that a common operating picture of a city can be maintained by those responsible for public safety. However, modern Safe City concepts, in addition to gathering this data, would set up systems so that threats and mitigation procedures can be communicated back to the populace, giving citizens the ability to likewise have a good understanding of the ground truth and
be better enabled to take appropriate actions.

Our Vision for a Safe City:

  • Connecting the continuum – deployed sensors (cameras, seismic, auditory) all feed to a single command and control point
  • Sensible sensory consumption and consolidation – RFID readers, ALPR, video, facial recognition, sniffers
  • Social media force multiplication
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • A common intelligence framework
  • Predictive analytics to proactively address crime, risk scenarios

Unisys Safe Cities Capabilities and Solutions:

  • Digital InvestigatorTM for total information management including social media monitoring
  • LineSightTM for advanced targeting analytics for border security
  • Unisys Stealth® for advanced cyber security through microsegmentation
  • Stealth(identity) – Identity Management
  • LEMSTM for mission critical law enforcement messaging
  • Public Image Capture System (PICS) capability—allowing the public to securely share information with law enforcement agencies
  • SIMS – secure digital and image management and storage systems

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