Building the Connected
Pharma - Together

Recreating the pharma business model to leverage the best of the connected marketplace has become a critical challenge. The rapid onset of personalized and predictive medicine is changing the way critical functions like R&D operate. At the same time, the challenge to acquire patents and talent remains a top priority demanding a better way to unify and collaborate across a diverse organization. Building a digitally enabled global organization capable of scaling up and down for business productivity and for personalized medicine may be one of the most challenging business adaptations of our lifetime.

At Unisys, we see “The Connected Pharma” as a journey to a new business model. A model that combines digital tools to harvest more value from current acquisitions while simultaneously, creating a stronger back-drop for connecting a diverse team, connecting common resources and for connecting to the patient and outcomes.


    Let’s take this journey together:
  • A more secure and proactive connection with the patient and consumer.
  • A more robust and reliable connection within widely dispersed teams of talent facilitating productivity and collaboration.
  • A secure multichannel environment for internal and external transfer of sensitive and mission critical information.
  • An end to end secure supply chain to distribution business process leveraging analytics and anti-counterfeiting technology.


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