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Securing client data with unique micro-segmentation technology

The Business Challenge

Enable businesses and governments around the globe to improve the lives of their customers and citizens through IT services and solutions with security built in.

The Solution

Unisys Stealth® with unique micro-segmentation capability to easily isolate its U.S. Federal data and network in order to apply additional protections without disrupting other areas of their business.

Results and Benefits

  • Ensured Unisys U.S. Federal servers are no longer visible on the internal network except to explicitly defined Communities of Interest as per the NIST Zero-Trust security model
  • Maintained FISMA compliance while enabling strict need-to-know access to U.S. Federal data
  • Achieved a flexible and cost effective infrastructure to meet on-going data and server isolation and security requirements
  • Avoided capital and operating expense associated with procuring, building, and maintaining additional network infrastructure


We needed to isolate our U.S. Federal Systems business applications, data and network from the rest of the Unisys corporate network and ensure access on a strict need-to-know basis. We have effectively achieved this by implementing Unisys Stealth with micro-segmentation as our core security foundation protecting systems and data from threats and unauthorized access. Stealth is a key enabler of our digital transformation and cloud migration.”

Upinder Phanda

CIO, Unisys