Unisys Clients - Protecting National Borders

Providing a Safer Traveling Experience While Protecting the Nation's Borders

The Business Challenge

  • Facilitate secure movement for international travelers by improving the border clearance experience, deterring national security threats, and increasing operational efficiency of the agency's staff.
  • Gain access to accurate visa and citizenship application-related information, including identity and history of applications; successfully detain illegal immigrants.

The Solution

  • Unisys performed a Requirements Analysis for a next-generation traveler border clearance platform to manage travelers' details, integrate with existing identity verification technologies, and training of border clearance officers to better identify and investigate clearance procedures for travelers who potentially represent a security risk.
  • Biometrics solution based on Unisys Library of Electronic ID Artifacts (LEIDA) framework to anchor identities for a broad range of immigration business functions - from refugee and visa application processing to detention center management; supports fingerprint and facial biometrics, and integrates with existing systems and databases, making the solution robust, stable and scalable.

Results and Benefits

  • Enable expedited entry/exit for international travelers identified as minimal or no security risk via a low/no touch automated clearance system
  • Increased capacity to process growing traveler volumes, which exceed 6 million visitors annually, with minimal investment in additional clearance facilities or security staff
  • Enabled the ability to swiftly handle a growing number of visa applications
  • Improved detainment of illegal immigrants annually to an average of ~5,000