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Ensuring High-Level Security for Citizens Across the Netherlands

The Business Challenge

Improve the safety of society by detaining convicted prisoners, while influencing their behavior to build a socially acceptable life upon release.

The Solution

  • Support since 2015 for the Basic Provision Biometrics program that uses biometric data, such as fingerprints, to verify litigants’ and visitors’ identities.
  • Unisys will deliver a custody management solution (based on Digital InvestigatorTM and the Jail Management Solution) for penitentiaries across the country for a single integrated view of litigants and the judicial system; application services to develop self-service solutions for inmates and a system to calculate the duration of imprisonment.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduce instances of crimes leading to a safer society
  • Increase the predictability and efficiency of prison management activities such as enrollment of new litigants, assigning cells, visitor requests, transfers and leave requests
  • Increase cooperation with all parties within the judicial system such as care providers, lawyers and policing and law enforcement agencies (spanning across 10,000+ end users)
  • Reduce the time taken to record, track and identify detainees (totaling 40,000+ per year), visitors and employees




As our partner for biometric services, Unisys brings the security focus and knowledge of prison services that result in less incidents. The result is that the Netherlands will be safer with this continued relationship.”
Lourens Vissers
CIO, Custodial Agency, DJI


“The simplicity of Unisys’ Digital Investigator will give us many options to improve work across the network of Dutch custodial institutions and to support our collaboration with partners like the police, public prosecution service and CJIB.”
ALC Roelofs
Deputy Director, Custodial Agency, DJI

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